Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa

It is known from a tweet that  Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa, it is really a verry surprising and unbelievable for every one United States-based users of Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, can now transfer funds instantly and at a low cost to Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria via the recently added new feature known as “Send Globally.” The new feature instantly converts the funds to local currencies prior to moving them to recipients’ respective bank or mobile money accounts. The High Cost of Sending Funds to Africa According to Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s lightning network, a feature recently added to its platform now enables instant and low-cost payments to Africa. Known as “Send Globally,” the feature — currently available to United States-based users — applies to payments sent to Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. As the digital payments firm’s Dec. 6 press statement explains, the use of

What is blockchain technology ? How blockchain is work

 What is block chain ?

A blockchain is a database like any other database but what it contains is not controlled by anyone. It is peer-to-peer controlled.

No matter what type of data is used to pay for the network, that data will be present in all the machines operating within the network.

It was invented in 1990, but it was not so popular then. Not everyone knew about it, but It has become much more popular since 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto helped build Bitcoin with block chain.

How blockchain is formed ?

It is usually divided into three parts

1. Data

2. Hash

3. Hash of previous block

1. What is dada in block ?

The cipher text from which the information is contained in the block or stored in the block is called data

2.What is hash in block ?

The hash code is the mathematical algorithmic form of the information that contains the data in the block.

3. What is hash of previous block ?

Just before that blog, the block data hashcode  was called the hash of previous block.

That's min the hashcode of the block just before that block is meant.

In this way each block is shaped like a chain attached to its previous blog hash code and is called a blockchain.

What is genesis block ?

The first block in a blockchain that does not contain any hashcode of a previous block is called a genesis block.

 If a hacker wants to change a database, he can't do this just hack a computer and make that database change.

It is impossible for him to hack all the computers in the network and then change the database for which it is called unhackable.


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Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa