Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa

It is known from a tweet that  Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa, it is really a verry surprising and unbelievable for every one United States-based users of Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, can now transfer funds instantly and at a low cost to Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria via the recently added new feature known as “Send Globally.” The new feature instantly converts the funds to local currencies prior to moving them to recipients’ respective bank or mobile money accounts. The High Cost of Sending Funds to Africa According to Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s lightning network, a feature recently added to its platform now enables instant and low-cost payments to Africa. Known as “Send Globally,” the feature — currently available to United States-based users — applies to payments sent to Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. As the digital payments firm’s Dec. 6 press statement explains, the use of

What is cryptocurrency, it's benefits, advantage and disadvantage

What is  cryptocurrency ?

The meaning of CRYPTOCURRENCY is secret money where Crypto means secret and currency means money

Cryptocurrency is a universal private digital currency which is end to end encrypted. It's also a decentralized currency what is a digital and virtual currency what is meant to a medium of exchange.

Cryptocurrency is quite similar  to real world currency but it's dose not have any physical embodiment and structure

Features of cryptocurrency :-

There is a limit how many units of a cryptocurrency can exist

Easily verified the transfer of fund

It's operating is independent, that's means this type of transaction are not dependent on any type of          bank and central authority

It's based on blockchain security 

its was person to person verified network

Advantage and benefits :- 

1. cryptocurrency is decentralize so it's value is not up and down for any government problem

2. there are not involved any third party like bank

3. there are no controls of any body on transaction

4. most advantage of cryptocurrency is it's privacy

5. there are no transaction cost in cryptocurrency

6. no limits on purchased and withdrawal

7. freedom for everyone transactions to use

8. international transaction are faster

Disadvantage of cryptocurrency :-

1. the most problem of cryptocurrency is , it is not eco friendly, its needed more electricity and power to mining and generate cryptocurrency

2. fraudsters cannot be caught because its not traceable and you cannot report any fraud

3. cryptocurrency is decentralize so illegal workers and traders are now transaction in cryptocurrencies for avoid the low and government so they are not caught


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Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa