Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa

It is known from a tweet that  Strike Launches Bitcoin Lightning Network-Enabled Money Transfers to Africa, it is really a verry surprising and unbelievable for every one United States-based users of Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, can now transfer funds instantly and at a low cost to Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria via the recently added new feature known as “Send Globally.” The new feature instantly converts the funds to local currencies prior to moving them to recipients’ respective bank or mobile money accounts. The High Cost of Sending Funds to Africa According to Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s lightning network, a feature recently added to its platform now enables instant and low-cost payments to Africa. Known as “Send Globally,” the feature — currently available to United States-based users — applies to payments sent to Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. As the digital payments firm’s Dec. 6 press statement explains, the use of

Is Bitcoin invest safe in 2022 ?-Is Bitcoin Investment Legal in India under 2022 ?-Bitcoin latest news

 Is Bitcoin Investment Legal in India under 2022 ? In 2018 the government of India and RBI means Reserve Bank of India has banned cryptocurrency, after that the case went to the supreme court and the supreme court declared that the cryptocurrency investment or trading to be legal but it's not works as a legal currency. In 2022 finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman virtually gave legal sanction to all cryptocurrency in the country by labelling them as "  digital assets" and not currency and  taxing income gains from there transaction at a high 30% Indian investor have put around RS 45000 crore in private cryptocurrency. How will the tax be deducted? Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, will pay a 30 percent tax on dividends to the government. In addition to a 1% TDS that will be charged on payments made using digital assets in order to keep a track on transaction. What has been said by RBI(Reserve Bank of India) ? RBI of

What is blockchain technology ? How blockchain is work

 What is block chain ? A blockchain is a database like any other database but what it contains is not controlled by anyone. It is peer-to-peer controlled. No matter what type of data is used to pay for the network, that data will be present in all the machines operating within the network. It was invented in 1990, but it was not so popular then. Not everyone knew about it, but It has become much more popular since 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto helped build Bitcoin with block chain. How blockchain is formed ? It is usually divided into three parts 1. Data 2. Hash 3. Hash of previous block 1. What is dada in block ? The cipher text from which the information is contained in the block or stored in the block is called data 2. What is hash in block ? The hash code is the mathematical algorithmic form of the information that contains the data in the block. 3. What is hash of previous block ? Just before that blog, the block data hashcode  was called the hash of previous block. That's min t

what is Cryptography and network security. Type of key in cryptography. cryptography keys example. use of cryptography key

 CRYPTOGRAPHY The words cryptography comes from two words one is crypto and the other is graphy. here crypto means secret and the the meaning of graphy is writing so the cryptography min  secret writing. Cryptography is a writing medium where plain text is converted to cipher text and cipher text is also converted in to plain text. What is the plain text ? plain text is a normal text or normal message that any one can read and understand what is written in the massage or what is meant by the message. What is the cipher text ? cipher text is a modified from of plain text. any one can read that but no one can understands what's the massage means. it is also called a secret massage. Why we transfer plain text to cipher text ? We need to change this because we want privacy. When we want to say or explain something secret to another particular person and we want no one can be able to read or understand the message except that particular person. There are many times happened when a third

What is cryptocurrency, it's benefits, advantage and disadvantage

What is  cryptocurrency ? The meaning of CRYPTOCURRENCY is secret money where Crypto means secret and currency means money Cryptocurrency is a universal private digital currency which is end to end encrypted. It's also a decentralized currency what is a digital and virtual currency what is meant to a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency is quite similar  to real world currency but it's dose not have any physical embodiment and structure Features of cryptocurrency :- ⦁ There is a limit how many units of a cryptocurrency can exist ⦁ Easily verified the transfer of fund ⦁ It's operating is independent, that's means this type of transaction are not dependent on any type of          bank and central authority ⦁ It's based on blockchain security  ⦁ its was person to person verified network Adv antage and benefits :-  1. cryptocurrency is decentralize so it's value is not up and down for any government problem 2. there are not involved any third party like